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“For more than eight years, I have been receiving great care and service from Dr. Beck and her staff at Central Dental Care in McKinleyville. Going to the dentist was always a really stressful ordeal for me. Dr. Beck and the staff have made it a pleasure to get dental care. I’m no longer afraid and actually look forward to seeing my dentist! Now, because of my experience, my husband and a number of my friends are seeing Dr. Beck. I know they all receive the warm welcome, the relaxing environment and the wonderful care that I do.” – Jan L.

“My husband Doug and I have been patients of Karen Beck, DDS since she took over the practice at Central Dental Care when our previous dentist Harry N. Johnson retired. Dr. Beck’s staff are friendly, courteous, respectful, helpful, and proficient at their jobs at all times. Dr. Beck respects each person as an individual and is aware of their situations and special needs. Her skills are exceptional and she is a competent professional. Her examinations are thorough and complete in every way.

Once an examination is complete and it is determined that dental work is necessary, Dr. Beck makes certain that the patient is thoroughly and fully involved in the process. She gives them information as to what needs to be done. If there are options concerning different ways of doing it, she will discuss them with the patient and make her recommendation as to which option would be best. In every instance, she will explain what needs to be done step by step by step in language that the patient can understand.

I would like to give well deserved recognition and thanks to one of Dr. Beck’s dental hygienists, Deborrah. I am a person with special needs: I am wheelchair bound with cerebral palsy, arthritis, and chronic pain syndrome. I also have very sensitive hearing; high pitched sounds will give me a migraine headache almost instantly.

Over the years, Deborrah has cheerfully and competently been my dental hygienist. She helps me transfer from wheelchair to dental chair, makes sure that it has been adjusted so that I can be as comfortable as possible, and places the pillows and cushions that I bring with me where they need to be. She does a lot of things for me by hand because the sound of the new systems are very high pitched. Thank you for all you do, Deborrah. You have no idea how much I appreciate you.

In conclusion, we would like to say that we recommend Karen Beck, DDS without reservation as a dentist who is always willing and able to meet any and all of your dental needs.” – Joanne and Doug D.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Dr. Beck and her staff for the amazing care I have received from them. I began at their office in March of 2009. I arrived there with my mouth in extremely poor health and in constant pain due to an accident the previous year. With great skill and compassion Dr. Beck and her team have worked consistently to bring me to a state of wellness.

Dr. Beck has been my dentist (and at times my hero!) ever since. She is innovative and constantly furthering her own knowledge, skill, and the use of cutting-edge tools and equipment. I have recommended Central Dental Care to my family and friends and could share with you just as many success stories from them as my own.” – Linda A.

“I really do enjoy going to Central Dental Care. I've been a patient there for years. It's not at all like the dental visits of my youth. Thankfully things have changed for the better. Preventive care plays a much larger role than it used to. I know that regular visits and cleanings are key to my overall health, especially since I have Type 2 Diabetes. It makes me feel good to be taking care of myself.

The office is filled with friendly, warm, and caring people who are dedicated to providing me with the best experience and outcomes, always keeping my comfort in mind. They are helpful and responsive to my questions whether it's about my insurance, billing, how to improve my home care, or what's the best treatment for a particular issue I'm having. They keep current with the best up-to-date dental practices which benefit me as their patient. I really appreciate that.

With my situation, I have cleanings done every three months. My dental hygienist is excellent. She is very skillful and thorough. Adequate home care combined with the professional cleanings has really improved my dental and oral health. I have all my own teeth (I'm 62 years old) and I've not needed any additional dental work (fillings, extractions, root canals, etc.) in years. Preventive dentistry made the difference.

I am very pleased with my results. I have all the good people at Central Dental Care to thank for those results. It's a great partnership. Together, we're making an investment in my health.” – Nancy O.

“We have been patients of Central Dental Care since 1983, and Dr. Beck and her staff have been taking excellent care of our family’s dental needs since her arrival in 2001. She has treated our family of four plus our grandma. We are very happy with the professional care we have received at Central Dental Care. The staff is very friendly and efficient, and appointments are on time, which is a rarity in many medical offices. They are very attentive to patient comfort and very gentle. Over the years when some dental emergencies have happened they always made time during their day to squeeze us in. Recently, Dr. Beck gave us a good recommendation/referral for our daughter who now lives and works in San Francisco and needed to find a dentist in her area. They are a tough act to follow! If asked, we fully recommend Central Dental Care.” – Heather and David T.